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A new training DVD, “Developing an Animals Issues Plan,” has been issued as a joint project of the FAZD Center and the Center for Agricultural Technology Transfer (CATT). The DVD is designed specifically for animal issues committees at the local level.

It addresses four specific educational objectives:

1. Identify sources and causes of possible animal disasters.

2. Discuss the process for identifying types of animals (livestock and pets) within the county for the AIC plan.

3. Discuss the process for identifying resources to be used in the event of a disaster for the AIC plan.

4. Identify the steps for maintaining the AIC plan once it has been developed.


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Fact sheet containing information about transmission, diagnoses, and prevention of the rabies virus.

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This guide was developed to define the different types of disasters, to suggest protective measures for yourself and your family, and to offer sources of additional information. You and your family can be safer during and after a disaster if you become informed and prepared now.

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Source:  Kansas State University 

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